Tatiana Muskaya is a professional photographer who specializes in shooting children and families. She is also a graphic designer, event manager, stylist, decorator, art critic, marketing specialist as well as a director of the photo agency and the advertizing company “Mussatti” and the owner of a photographic studio “Foto Dety”.

“Photography is not just a shutter click, good light, expensive equipment and author’s processing. It is also a unique and unpredictable idea which is impossible to copy. Only an individual, free from plagiarism work can characterize a photographer as a creator.

Now, as well as at the time of the analog photography, it is necessary to do a lot of work after shooting to get a good picture. Years ago photographers had to spend hours in home or studio laboratories after shooting, using a photographing developer, different types of chemicals, an enlarger and red light to develop pictures. Nowadays photographers use computers to process photos, but this work also requires a lot of time and effort.

The most precious thing for a photographer is time, which he has never enough. And the most important thing he gets is recognition and joy of his clients.”

She studied photography and modern art in European Humanities University in Vilnius.

Tania started her career as a photographer during her studies in 2005. She held leading positions in various advertising and marketing industry organizations. Now she works primarily in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Rome

She gives master classes in children shooting and post processing, which is also possible to be given in your city .

Tatiana’s works may be seen in children and other goods advertising, in magazines, catalogues and outdoor advertising.